Some of the best flowers for longevity are naturally in season during the Christmas period. This is no coincidence as they need to be able to battle through winter weather when naturally grown. 

Eucalyptus is extremely popular with florists and consumers due to its versatility and long lasting nature. Not only will it last a long time in a vase or an arrangement as a fresh stem but it can also be kept dry as it doesn’t drop its leaves. 


Pussy willow or Salix is another great stem to reach for if you want your flowers to last. It looks great in bunches by itself or adds drama and structure when added to a bouquet. Its woody stem means it lasts a very long time and can also be kept dry. You can also grow a whole willow tree from a cut stem by leaving it in water to shoot then transferring it to soil!

Limonium has a more delicate look than the previous mentioned. It can also be used to add subtle colour and spindly texture. It comes in pinks, purples and blues perfect for complementing greens and reds in bouquets. Much like Eucalyptus and Pussy willow it can last a long time as a fresh stem and then be kept dry. 

If you’re after a more floral stem, Alstroemeria is a great option. It looks beautiful both in bud and bloom. It comes in almost every colour imaginable and many varieties, some frillier and some more contemporary in shape. Even once flowered it should last a good few weeks. 

Hellebore, also known as a Christmas rose is another floral go-to for long lasting bouquets. It flowers late winter and through spring and has a beautiful five petal structure. It comes in deep burgundy, pinks, greens and whites. Its petals may look delicate but their texture is actually quite leaflike which may be why they last so long as a cut stem for bouquets. 

Lastly Eryngium is an amazing structure to add to bouquets or arrangements. It comes in vibrant blues and icy whites. It has a spray head so fills out vases and divides well for use in wreaths or oasis arrangements. It has a truly wintery feel and can also be kept dry. 

We have tried to incorporate these beautiful flowers into our festive range and always use the freshest stems possible. Click here to shop our festive range!

December 14, 2023