Christmas is always an exciting time of year for floral design. The variety of rich colours and textures bring the season to life. This year we wanted to create a Christmas collection that celebrates tradition while also welcoming contemporary style. 

Here Lottie, our head of floral design, runs thorough the reasoning behind the styles and what inspired these beautiful bouquets.

Traditional Christmas Bouquet

"Our take on a Traditional Christmas bouquet was to include classic flowers with a contemporary structure. The arrangement’s central focus is a generous mix of red roses complimented by snapdragon and eucalyptus with eryngium and pinecones included for contrasting texture."

Shades of Velvet Bouquet

"Shades of velvet is a tall elegant mix of red tones with velvety textures and bold shapes. The arrangement is based around three stems of stunning red lily. Their trumpet heads create dramatic bursts of red, while roses provide elegant soft folds and swirls. Berries and salix add a wintery feel making this bouquet the perfect centrepiece for Christmas."

Winter Mornings Bouquet


"Winter Mornings is our most simple mix. While at first glance it may appear understated it certainly packs a punch on scent. Red roses provide subtle sweetness while eucalyptus adds freshness and wax flowers give a citrus hit. The colour palette is inspired by frosty blankets on December mornings.


Fireside Bouquet

Fireside is inspired by cosy winter evenings. A luxurious mix of orange roses, deep burgundy leucadendron, hypericum berries and alstroemeria mirror wild flamelike shapes while the vibrant colours invite warmth and energy into your home."

December Hues

"My personal favourite from this collection is December Hues. I wanted to embrace an interior trend for Christmas 2023 which is lots of colour! As gorgeous as velvety reds are, it's been interesting to see so many bold tones being used for Christmas this year. December Hues is centred around Fiorella fiery orange roses. Their intense warmness made me think of orange tones of the season like clementines, toasty fires and cinnamon sticks. I then chose to add green, red and deep purple to compliment the rose’s intensity. Lastly, I always like to include something scented. Eucalyptus Cynerea was the perfect addition for December Hues. The result is a bold contemporary bouquet with plenty of rich colours and a delicate scent."

Our festive Christmas collection is only available, for a limited time! Don't miss out on the stunning creations crafted by Lottie, our wonderful in-house florist.

November 27, 2023