Mia's Forever Fund

Fays Flowers is a family business and Mia was a massive part of that family and everyone’s lives that she touched.

A caring and loving young lady, her life journey had only just started when she contracted Meningitis at Christmas 2022 and died on the 5th of January 2023 her 20th birthday. Due to Mia’s selfless act of generosity in being an Organ Donor, three people received organ transplants.

Raising awareness

This massive loss to her family and friends’ lives prompted the forming of Mia’s Forever Fund on behalf of Meningitis now to raise awareness of Meningitis B and the importance of vaccination, her friends and family are organising a list of events to raise donations for the charity, if you wish to Donate or become involved as a Sponsor, please see the links below.

Donate to Mia's forever fund here.

Thank you for reading about Mia. If you have any events that Mia’s Forever Fund can become involved in, please email katrina@faysflowers.co.uk ( Mia’s Grandmother)

We do have a special bouquet that has been created to support Meningitis now. 50% of the net profits of Mia’s Bouquet, will be go Mia’s Forever Fund for Meningitis now. We truly are grateful and appreciative of all the support.

Thank you