When we started the brand Fays Flowers, we all knew it was important to raise awareness of the disease, Meningitis. Fays Flowers is a family run business, Mia was a massive part of that family, and everyone’s lives that she touched. A caring and loving young lady, her life journey had only just started when she contracted Meningitis at Christmas 2022 and passed away this time last year, the 5th of January 2023 her 20th birthday. Due to Mia’s selfless act of generosity in being an Organ Donor, three people received organ transplants.

This massive loss to her family and friends’ lives prompted the forming of Mia’s Forever Fund, where Mia’s Family and Friends are fundraising through events such as the Brighton Marathon and London Marathon 2024 on behalf of Meningitis now to raise awareness of Meningitis B and the importance of vaccination. Please click here to find more information regarding Mia's Forever Fund.

We wanted to help continue to raise awareness for not only Mia’s Forever Fund & the importance of vaccination against Meningitis, but also to raise awareness of the kindness and support of all volunteers and donors for the amazing charity that is Meningitis now, therefore we created Mia’s Bouquet, where 50% of the net profits from Mia’s bouquet is donated to Meningitis now– the spotlight being on the magnificent sunflowers, bringing positivity and joy into loved one’s lives, just like Mia.

Today, 5th January 2023, we have gifted a handful of Mia’s Bouquets to those who continue to volunteer and support meningitis now, we are forever grateful.

Mia’s bouquet arrives full of information including the signs and symptoms of Meningitis. Knowing the signs & symptoms of meningitis can really save a life, Early symptoms of meningitis can include: 

For further information regarding Meningitis, please click here to be taken to the Meningitis now website.

Donations help Meningitis now save lives through research into lifesaving vaccines and spreading awareness of the cause.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our blog today, it is a cause we are very passionate about and the team at Fays Flowers will continue to support Meningitis now throughout 2024.

January 05, 2024