We’re now in the highly anticipated season of peonies! With their rich history and unique set of characteristics it’s no surprise they’re loved by all. 

Peonies are highly valued in the floral industry. They are popular in wedding bouquets and arrangements due to their lush, full blooms and romantic appeal so we couldn’t resist giving them the limelight in our new collection. We’ve chosen to mix them only with eucalyptus to create an engaging scent and soft texture. This way the peony can bloom big and beautiful taking centre stage. 


Not just beautiful to look at, many peonies are prized for their delightful fragrance, which can range from sweet and rosy to citrusy. The scent can vary significantly between different varieties.

Cultivated for over 2,000 years, peonies have gained a significant place in history, symbolism and medicine. Peony originated in China where they were highly prized for their beauty and medicinal value. Considered the ‘king of flowers', peonies were said to bring wealth, honour and prosperity. They are often associated with royalty and are the official floral symbol of China.

In Luoyang, China, an annual peony festival celebrates the flower with parades, exhibitions, and cultural performances. This festival attracts thousands of visitors each year. Peonies have also inspired countless works of art, poetry, and literature throughout history. They often appear in traditional Chinese paintings and are celebrated in Japanese culture as well.

Peonies are a popular garden flower in the UK due to not only their stunning blooms but also their hardiness and low maintenance. They are also very good pollinators with their sweet scent and enticing flower heads. 

These facts highlight the peony's beauty, cultural significance, and resilience, making it a cherished flower around the world.

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June 13, 2024